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Just like Miranda Kerr (because, I am JUST SO like Miranda Kerr- ha ha), my newest jean obsession is Frame Denim.


Things we have in common: Both mothers of a baby boy, live in NYC, married to hot men, and love Frame denim. Call us soul sisters.

FRAME was founded in 2012 by Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson, both London-based Swedes (love them Swedes).  The two came together to create the perfect pair of jeans by “bringing together the quality and heritage of denim manufacturing in Los Angeles, with the influence of a London style, cut and fit.”  How chic are the Brits? Or the Swedes? Or the British-based Swedes?


Some of the jeans. I am in love with all the different washes.

The different washes of the jeans are innovative without being overly weird. Bright, interesting, and strong hues.  I am most obsessed with the light blue pair of Frame denim exclusive with Net-a-porter.

my fave


Everything about this jean is perfect. The cut, the fabric, the no-logo-on-the-tush, the simplicity, and most of all the fit.


Especially when you have a tush like this….

They even sell this neon orange jean in their skinny flattering fit. How hip!

FUN colors!

the look

The look.

I fell in love with the jeans so much that I bought my first pair online. YEP, bought jeans online. I tell ya, 2013 is the year of living on the edge! But let me tell you, I was not disappointed and everything they claimed (good fit, flattering, unique washes) was true. I am now a believer. Frame Denim is a hit with industry insiders *AND* Oregonian-New Yorkers.

Me in my Frame jeans. I took this picture this morning. Too early to include my face. Or my backside.

So if you want to be like Miranda Kerr (don’t we all), look into Frame! They sell at a number of places including Barneys, and Net-a-porter. Happy jean shopping!

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  1. Love Miranda! I don’t think I can buy jeans online, but glad it worked out for you.

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