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Once again, another friend who is uber talented, smart, beautiful, and accomplished. GEEZ, so inspiring it makes me in awe! My friend, Jennie, is truly an example of an exceptional woman; Harvard grad (not too shabby), mother of two (cutie pa tooties), blonde, beautiful, peppy, energetic, and NOW a founder of the company Me & Ewe. Damn lady. She is also married to the co-founder of OK Cupid (No Big Deal, just some website that matches up MILLIONS of people each year and creates happily-ever-afters) and has entrepreneurial blood running through her veins. Me & Ewe is a sock company — made for kids and adults to match. The idea is fresh, fun, and fabulous. Take a look! So impressed, excited, and thrilled for Jennie’s new company.

I mean, how adorable is this lady? Selling her socks old-school.

I mean, how adorable is this lady? Selling her socks old-school at a children’s library. Everything in this picture is just too cheeky cute.

Always stylish and hip!

Always stylish and hip!


How did the concept of Me & Ewe begin?


Me & Ewe began in a flash in 2014 when I was attending a music class with my daughter. Every week we had to take our shoes off and I was always embarrassed by my plain old socks. Sometimes they had holes, sometimes they were mismatched, some weeks I’d even forget to pack socks at all! One week, before class, I hand-drew a smiling caterpillar on my daughter’s socks and a butterfly on mine. She laughed, and we wore the socks. When the other moms and kids saw them, they wanted them too. And here we are!




4 options to choose from.

4 options to choose from.


How did you come up with the name?


The name took a while to get right. I knew I wanted something that conveyed the mother-child relationship since the socks are sold together. I also wanted something animal-friendly since proceeds go to animal charities. I remember saying to [husband] Chris, “I wish they could be called “Me & You,” and then I realized a “Ewe” is a mommy sheep. Eureka! “Me & Ewe” was born!


For mom and kids! Dads, too.

For mom and kids! Dads, too.


Has your husband, who started many successful companies, given you advice on this company? If so, what?


Yes, seeing Chris create his businesses has been the most inspiring motivation of all. What I’ve learned from watching him is that it’s easy to have a great idea … it’s just hard to actually MAKE IT. There’s a lot of schlepping that’s required. Chris has never turned away from the un-glamorous side of creating (and most of it is un-glamorous!). Even for something small like these socks, there was so much work and research needed to find the mill and the shipper and the warehouse etc … Also there is a lot of legal work needed to start a company. There were so many times I thought, “Forget this, this part is so boring.” But I wanted to finish and was willing to schlep and I’m so happy with the way it’s worked out.







What has the process from brainstorm to creation been like?


Strange! When I had the idea of making my illustrated socks on a larger scale, I didn’t think I would be able to do it. How would I ever reach a sock factory, and a good one at that? But you just do. You talk to people in stores and one thing leads to the next. The process took almost 2 years. I’ll never forget when the UPS truck pulled into my driveway with 25 boxes of socks. I jumped up and down and hugged the driver!


Baby and Mama dinosaurs!

Baby and Mama dinosaurs!


What has been the most fun aspect of this process?


The most fun part was creating the characters for each sock. I gave them a name, and continued working on them with my mill for a while. It was interesting to see my drawings turned into embroidery.


Purple creatures.

Purple creatures.


What are your future plans / dreams for Me and Ewe?


Well, it would be great to be able to sell this whole run and write a check to the ASPCA and ARF!


Just need matching outfits now.

Just need matching outfits now.

Blurry shot, I know, but we were wearing DINO socks in front of a big 'ol DINO!

Blurry shot, I know, but we were wearing DINO socks in front of a big ‘ol DINO!


You currently have four different animals, how did you come up with the four sets?


These were the four sets that translated best into fabric. I have some other animals (and non-animals!) that I would love to add to the collection eventually. My 4 year old daughter and her friends have given me lots of ideas for the newest additions! Next up could be polliwog and frog or pizza ingredients and pizza 🙂



If only the kids could wear Me & Ewe socks with Me & Ewe tops! Hopefully soon....

If only the kids could wear Me & Ewe socks with Me & Ewe tops! Hopefully soon….


Which is your favorite set? Your kids’ favorites?


My favorites are the Butterfly and Caterpillar since they are what started it all. My son likes to mix them up and wear different animals together. If I make another run, I’d like to add different color ways. White was the best place to start since they’re gender neutral. I’d love to add a print to the collection.


Jennie's favorite set

Jennie’s favorite set


Are you going to expand and make other kids / adult clothing, too?


I haven’t thought that far in advance. Pajamas would be fun though! 😉


The kids loved the socks so much that they decided to kiss.

The kids loved the socks so much that they decided to kiss.


Thank you, Jennie! Such a fascinating journey and story, and we can’t wait to watch and see what happens with Me & Ewe. In the meantime, I know what my go-to-baby-shower and birthday-presents are!

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