Plastic Cups

Plastic cups; not very glamorous sounding, but trust me these will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. My best friend, Amy (who by the way, introduces me to 99% of what is cool / hot / hip / trendy / important), told me about them several years ago, but my reaction was “HUH WHAT?? PLASTIC CUPS, WHO CARES?” but then, as always,  I listened to her (she = always right and in the know), so I bought them. And sure enough, they *changed* my life. Dramatic, but 13 bucks and you get 16 cups; all super cheery and colorful. You do the math, but I think that is a pretty good deal.


Colorful = happiness!

Colorful = happiness!

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Summer Thirst Quenchers

What is better than a perfect glass of COOL on a HOT summer day? Nothing. So here are three drinks that are refreshing, easy, and delicious.


We created this concoction on our babymoon to Antigua back in February. Every day on the beach, we would order the same drink and guzzle it down in seconds. So fresh, so cool, so easy!


* Mint

* Cranberry Juice

* Seltzer Water

* Ice (optional – I don’t like ice in anything)


* Crush some mint in a glass (lots of it)

Mint. The more, the merrier

* Add ice (optional), 3/4 seltzer water

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