Jaffa Dolls

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As a member of the tribe, it is with great excitement that I introduce Jaffa Dolls, a company based in Israel in which Jewish and Arab women come together to make dolls by hand.  Especially during a time when politics are getting OUT OF CONTROL, it is the perfect time to introduce a product that supports co-existence and unity, not discrimination and racism.  Jaffa Dolls support WOMEN and PEACE between two ethnic groups. Peace and women — double your pleasure, double your fun. And to top it off, the dolls are unique, cute, and happy. I had the privilege of sitting down with good friend, Laura Newmark (also the wife of $2 bill Matt), who is the US Distributor of Jaffa Dolls.  Read on to find out about this new venture. Thanks, Laura!

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Toddler Toys

I am the parent of a toy-obsessed son. Although an avid reader (for a 3 year old), he loves playing with things more than anything (like, say, eating food or going on a walk). Currently, these are his (and my) 5 top rated toddler toys!

(1) Indoor teepee/tent

Indoor tents seem to be all the rage for toddlers during the Winter months. It is a playground inside a home. Not that there is a slide or anything in the teepee, but it is a place to run and hide in, and an escape from the rest of the world. And the parents.


I think I am more in love with this teepee than Cruzzie is. It is beautiful, artistic, handmade (sold on etsy by a company called House in Habit), neutral, and oh-so-fun to hide in!

(2) Magna Tiles

Building blocks, creating puzzles, being creative… the sky is the limit with these magnetic tiles. Fun for kids and adults, too!

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