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Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement and support in regards to Ken becoming a rock star for the day…..Still feeling buzzed and pumped by the experience. Seriously, I am in love with the guys of OAR….and now I can’t stop listening to Peace. On repeat. Ten million times in the last 3 days. Call me obsessed. Watch out, Babers, you have COMPETITION. Anywho, back to reality. That reality, is socks. Yep, socks.


My mother’s go-to-present for everyone in the family is socks. Handmade knitted socks, skiing socks, everyday socks, fancy socks, socks, socks, socks, socks. As a result, I am fond of socks. I can never have too many and am always on the lookout for the new, best, prettiest, cutest sock (odd, quirky, and so me). So it was a perfect coincidence when I stumbled upon a sock store in Paris in October (was that really 2 months ago??). And not just any sock store — but a hip, high-end, and luxurious store. Tabio, is considered the hot and trendy sock. The sock is actually made in Japan by a crafts person. They come in all shapes and colors: ultra trendy, thigh highs, as well as models in cashmere, angora, lace, super soft wool. To view the various sock options, go here.



One of the pairs of socks that I purchased. Of course, it looks avant garde, tie dye, and artsy. It is the perfect thickness and height (not too high, not too low…Goldilocks a la socks).


One of the special services they offer is embroidery! You pay 3 Euro and you can have your socks monogrammed!


Tabio, tradition in motion.

cute monogrammed

Cute embroidery! Love the secret message on the sock.


Or you can have you initials monogrammed — how preppy and awesome is that?

unique personal

unique personal touch to an otherwise somewhat boring and unpersonal present (sorry Mama, I do love your sock presents NOW, but it took some time getting used to them.)

tie dye

Tie dye fun

another shot

another shot

They have stores around the world, so if you’re abroad and in the right place, be sure to visit. Everyone needs socks! Hope you are having a great week…..welcome to the Holiday Rush of Madness….Peace.


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  1. Cute. I thought my mom was the only person that loves giving socks as presents. I’m glad I’m not alone!

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