Need a simple stocking stuffer? Fun socks are always the perfect gift as they fit everyone; are bright, colorful and cheery; and come in a range of prices. Socks are like candles: everyone loves them but will not splurge on them for themselves… they are a perfect, easy gift. I try to get Ken to wear fun socks to work with his suits. Help push the movement. No more boring dark work socks!

Add some flavor to your Josie Guy’s suit!

Here are my top sock choices, for you or your guy (excluding my hand knit socks from my mother that I get for every holiday).

Corgi Socks

Cotton, wool, and cashmere options are available at Corgi, an old school English company.


Hello fun stripes!

stripes s'amore!

Stripes s’amore!

Happy Socks

Happy Socks, a Swedish company, specializes in fun and bold patterns. Happy socks! They are a great gift for any man, woman or child and they even offer gift bundles!

gift bundle!

An absolutely fun and delightful gift of love! and warmth!

color block

Color blocking at its finest.

J. Crew Socks

Easy, fresh, and fun.

striped and bright.

Perfect color combination.


I heart hearts.

Falke Socks

Founded in Germany in 1895, Falke is a high end hosiery line that sells online at Net-a-porter and Bare Necessities. They are simple, soft, warm, and easy!

grey warm socks



Fluffy angora melange for cozy warm feet in bed.

Warm, bright socks make happy feet. And happy feet makes happy people!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Cute! I don’t think my boyfriend would do the bright sock thing but I will give it a shot.

  2. I get socks in my stocking every year from my mohter. I think I have enough, but at least I know how I can return the favor

    • My mother hand knits a pair for me EVERY SINGLE YEAR. for EVERY SINGLE HOLIDAY. I love it.

  3. Love all Happy Socks! I am wearing a pair, as we speak, they are red and white stripes with a reindeer on the ankle sides, just for fun and go for the Holiday Season’s Spirit. Happy Holidays, Ms. Josie Natori and to all the followers!

  4. love falke socks, especially the cable knit knee highs. they are the perfect sock for boots. every now and then I totally splurge on socks. it feels like the ultimate indulgent treat and you are so right- the perfect stocking stuffer!

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