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As mentioned on Monday, my childhood friend,Kaspar and his wife, Ali, are back in the US and creating beautiful art and inspiration. Kaspar’s newest addition include prints, as well as “wave” socks. I love my friends and love supporting their creations and ideas, especially when they are as great as these.


Treibdesign stems from the word “treiben” which means “Transitive: to propel, to force, to produce, to sprout
Intransitive: to drift, to float”

As a deep lover of socks, neon, and anything my friends do, these socks are perfection. They scream HAPPY, UNIQUE, and FUN. They are the perfect holiday present, or pick me up for the start of cold weather.


Everything about this picture is 80s — my acid wash jeans, my socks, my whole look. AND I LOVE IT.

Waves — you see it?

I love that the logo looks like “Supreme” but not.



To purchase the socks, go here. To read more about Kaspar and his work, go here. If you have not read the post about Kaspar and Ali and their travels — do so — it is truly fascinating and remarkable! Thanks, Kaspar and Ali — for being thoughtful and wonderful friends and inspiring us all with your travel stories, talented artwork, and for opening our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us.

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  1. Those socks are swell. I think my son would love those for soccer practice. I’m going to have to snatch up a couple pairs.

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