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I have been a big fan of Tabio socks for the past five years when I found them in a little store in the Marais district in Paris. Every time I went to Paris, I would stock up on them myself and buy presents too (nothing says I love you more than socks…). But I just discovered that Tabio is now sold online in the USA! Hands down, these are my favorite socks in my closet.


The socks arrive in this great origami package. A present within a present. All the little details are so Japanese — and so beautiful.

The socks are made in Japan (kinda like Brooklyn and Portland, Oregon — true hipness and style root from Japan). The quality of the socks is amazing — they source the best material from around the world. And truly, these socks are not just uber stylish and fun, but they are also super comfortable with the right amount of material, height, and thickness.


I love that their socks always have something super special about them — a little shimmer, a little secret touch.

These are my current three favorite socks.  And I love their designs and pizazz, a splash of color to any outfit.


And believe it or not, they just started making athletic socks. As goldilocks with socks, I am even pickier with athletic socks. While running, I really care about the material, the feel, if they fit correctly, etc…and these are the best athletic socks I have tried. I can’t wait to add more to my collection.


And I love that they are bright, cheerful, and YELLOW!

Love these!

A little history of Tabio.


My feet are happy, and therefore, I am too! Happy feet, and happy week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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