Tabio Socks

As you can see, I have a love for socks (Pause…read this article on People Who Wear Crazy Socks Are Smart). I can never have too many… the more the merrier. While Zkano is now my favorite US brand,  Tabio socks are my favorite foreign brand. I wrote about them 1.5 years ago, and they continue to be my favorite sock to stock up. On my recent trip to Paris, I bought several pairs as presents….but in the end, couldn’t give them away (they had me at “hello”).


The three pairs that I can't part with.

The three pairs that I can’t part with.

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Ballpoint Pen

Although I do my fair share of typing on computers and phones, I also spend a lot of time writing, whether it is for thank you notes (most recently for Cruzzie’s birthday party and the donations for the marathon), to-do lists, and / or snail-mail cards. Not only am I particular about the paper I write on, but even more so, the pens that I write with. So I was ecstatic when I was gifted the coolest pen EVER. Swiss made (of course), this ball point pen is not only durable, beautiful, and unique, but it is also easy and smooth to write with. AND it comes with the coolest case ever.


A whole lot of orange going on.

A whole lot of orange going on.

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Yvonne Sporre

Yvonne SMy newest designer obsession is Yvonne S. Beachy, easy, flattering, different and summery. All of her pieces in the current SS 12 collection are perfect for the beach, wedding, and everyday wear. As a casual West Coast girl, I instantly fell in love with the collections and wanted everything in it. Is that too much for a girl to ask for?

S/S 12

Yvonne S was started by Ibizan model, Yvonne Sporre, in 2009. In all four seasons that her work has been showcased, it has been well received by the fashion world and consumers alike. Prior to being a designer, Yvonne was a model, stylist, editor at Vogue, and a fashion consultant. Is it possible for ONE person to be that good at everything? Her clothing is bright and full of colors, flowers, and prints. I am in love. Here are some of my favorite pieces:


A big fan of floral patterns to begin with, I love the Latin look and feel to this baggy simple dress.

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