American Trench Retro Socks

Twice in the past week, I have bought from my targeted instagram ads. Yes, I was that person that actually clicked on the ad, and sure enough, I bought it. That said, I love them so much, that I feel like I need to tell you all about them. And yes, they are not cheap, and you can probably find a better deal somewhere else (do share with me when you find good knock offs), but in the meantime, I am loving these American Trench Retro socks.


Retro stripe socks!!! I die over all the colors!

Also, to defend my purchase, I rarely buy socks. The cost per wear is high (meaning, you wear them so much that they are worth the price) and when you find a good sock, you need to stock up!


I bought a lot of them for Cruzzie. All different colors and he is such a fan. He keeps thanking me for them, which means you know they were a good buy.

He says they are very comfortable.

Thank you, instagram, for introducing me to this brand.


In action.

Studying for exams in his retro socks.


Love the pop of colors! Love the stripes! Love the fits. Worth the $14 🙂

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