Natori Esteem Full Brief

Yes, I am writing about undies that are basically like the ones from Bridget Jones Diary, but full briefs are having a comeback! And these ones are aaaaaaahhhhhhhmazing. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have tried them had it not been recommended to me by a friend who is a stylist — and she told me that out of all the undies she has tried, these are the best out there right now! Since I trust all her style advice, I got these, and they do not disappoint.


YES, Bridget Jones! Thank you!!!

YES THEY ARE BIG! But they feel good on, don’t creep up your booty, don’t have visible panty lines, and don’t dig in to your skin. Just try them — and right now, they are on sale! Thank you, Natori!


Black and nude.

For size.

They aren’t too granny as they are see through….hellloooooo vagine (said in a french accent).

The butts. They look good on the tush.

Don’t you want them?


Natori Esteem Full Brief — lookin’ good!

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