Natori Bliss French Cut Undies

According to the NYTimes, these are the best undies! Natori Bliss French Cut! The article in Wirecutter reads “Why This Natori Underwear Is the Best I’ve Ever Worn.” This was announced over the weekend, and sales have been great for this pair of undies — so good, that I felt that I *HAD* to share with you all, too, just in case you wanted to know about them, too!


Thank you, NYTimes!

Although I have never tried (I am a loyalist to the Feathers Undies), they are a favorite to many more, and worth trying! (And there is a promotion right now that if you order on enter the code WIRECUTTER, they are $12 per pair instead of $20 — love a deal!)


Comes in multiple colors and packs!


I hope September is off to a great month. I am now back in NYC and ever so often, my head is spinning of everything that has to be done. Other minutes, I feel like I can tackle it right away….good luck to everyone with a chaotic week! We’ve GOT THIS!

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  1. The Natori Bliss French Cut undies are a game-changer! I remember wearing them for the first time during a marathon day of back-to-back meetings, and honestly, it felt like I was sitting on a cloud. If comfort and style had a baby, it would be these undies—especially at that promo price, they’re a steal!

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