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A friend of a friend makes the most delicious, dense, European style, filling, and healthy gluten-free bread. Like many things cool and hip, the bread from Knead Love Bakery is handmade in Brooklyn. First started as a ‘joy project’ (perfect term), Sarah now bakes bread daily that can be shipped nationally. All the breads are gluten free, nutrient dense and baked in a “high vibe” way. I recently received my first shipment — sesame and wildcard tumeric — and I can’t wait for future orders and trying out all the varieties and flavors.


I even love the packaging — how could I not — neon pink hearts? So cool.

Tumeric wildcard and sesame were my flavors this week.

The two loaves. See the hearts engraved in them?

Dense with nutrients and taste.

Sesame — perfect for toasting.

Look at the nuts in the wildcard! Nutty oh so good.

Toasted with nutella, yes please!


To purchase the bread (can be delivered in NYC or shipped nationally), go here. Follow on instagram here. The bread can be kept on the counter fresh for two days and then the remainder should be frozen (sliced beforehand) and then you can take out individual slices and toast them for future meals and snacks! I am eyeing the gluten chocolate cake bread and can’t wait to try it when she offers it next!

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