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I love the food website, The Infatuation, that writes about all the new restaurants,bars, cafes, bakeries, in any and every city. Most of all, I love their random guides such as “Best pizza in NYC’ or “Best donuts in NYC“. And of course, not only do I love reading the articles slash lists, but I love trying all their random recommendations. For best donut in NYC, I decided to try something new and different, Mochinut Donuts. Mochinut is a chain with locations all over South Korean, Thailand, and most states in the United States (literally everywhere!). What makes these donuts unique is that they are made with rice flour.


Two locations in Manhattan — I went to the one on 38th and 6th. Super friendly, clean, and easy.

They have 13 different flavors –and all look absolutely delicious. You can get a box of 3, 6, or 12, and since I went on a day with a bajillion kids coming over, it was a perfect excuse to get 12!

They all look unbelievable.


Mochi donut is a donut that originated from Hawaii which is a combination of American donuts and Japanese mochi. It has a very unique shape, light and crispy, soft chewy inside. Not too heavy, bulk, or dense.


Cute space. They also sell bubble tea and corn dogs — I sat and drank a bubble tea (passed on the corn dog).

The box.



So many options. So much sweetness, oh my.



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