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This summer, I have spent hours needle pointing — even though I have a love hate relationship with it. It is meditative, creative, and gets my mind off of everything (COVID, NYC, school this fall, being away from friends, etc…) — but it is also incredibly frustrating as it takes FOREVER. That said, after I finished three projects, I didn’t know what to do with them. Do you frame them and hang them up? Make a boring pillow? Just felt incomplete and missing the final touch. SO I MADE THEM INTO BOOKMARKS. They went from boring to full on FUN PIZAZZ LIFE OF THE PARTY BOOKMARKS. They took forever to sew the edges, put on a backing, whip stitch it all together — and they don’t look perfect — but I really love them! They are truly a labor of love!

The three final products. The next project is in the mail arriving tomorrow — Veuve Cliquot Champagne! Can’t wait to start that and make yet another bookmark!

The backs. Felt, and then stitched them together!

Watched a video on youtube on how to make a tassle. From now on I am going to add tassles to everything.

They are so fun and I love them!


They are NOT perfect — lots of loose ends, some knots, some mis-stiches, but I just learned how to needlepoint during COVID and then came up with the idea of bookmarks just this week. They are not cheap — the canvas costs 65 dollars, the thread 20-30 dollars (depending if you use the wool/silk blend or cotton) and then SO MUCH LABOR. The last one I made, I actually finished it from beginning to end but I have no life and nothing else to do, so……..

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