Biggie Footstool

Since May, I have been utterly and totally obsessed with needlepointing. I cannot stop and love it so much. I find it meditative and calming….both the process as well as the finished product. Recently, I finished the canvas of Notorious BIG and sent it to an amazing upholster who made it in to a footstool. I love it SO very much that I wanted to share with you all!



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Upstate Plant Based Dye Kit

Readers of the blog know that I love tie dye, especially when it is done Upstate. I not only own a dozen pieces from Upstate, but they also did a collaboration with Natori that is to-dye-for (get it?). I am a huge fan, so when they recently came out with dye kits for you to do at home, I knew I needed to get one.


The kit. Plant-based dye kit in rose. Safe, easy, clean, and super duper fun.

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DIY Instagram Photos

My favorite form of social media is instagram, mainly because I love the square cropped photos with various filters that instantly make me look like a photographer. (Yes, I realize the irony behind the fact that I am a public blogger but have a private instagram account and don’t really like posting photos.  I’m an enigma.  But if you send a request and your profile isn’t obviously psychotic, I will accept it!)  So recently, I did a DIY project where I hung some instagram photos in my son’s room. I know, super creative.


closet door

A little surprise on his closet door.

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Knit Liberty Print Dress

In addition to having a talented mother-in-law, I also have a skilled mother. Lucky for us, my mother spoils me rotten with her handmade knit creations for the kids and myself. I have countless projects that she has made for me; all that I will keep forever and ever. She is hands down the most crafty, talented, creative woman I know. Not only does my mother have a full time job, cook better than any chef, dance flamenco multiple times a week, and care for her children and grandchildren (and husband), but she also knits / sews / embroiders every single day. She has multiple projects at once and is never sitting doing nothing. No internet surfing, no TV watching, just plain good ‘ol fashioned fun. Here is one of my mother’s most recent creations. It is a dress made for Tusia (our nickname for Zoe) — knit on top with Liberty print fabric on the bottom (that of course, she sewed together). I am a proud daughter! Check it out!

The model, my daughter.

The model, my daughter.

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Hibiscus Tea

In order to keep hydrated during these hot summer months, it is important to drink a lot of fluids. It is always a good idea to have some variety in your diet and beverage intake. Although I am good at being creative in the kitchen (although not always successful), I am not great at varying my beverages. My mom, on the other hand, is a pro at creating her own concoctions. Her drinks are out of this world good — totally unique and delicious. She is known for her watermelon juice, limeade, and her hibiscus tea.


Hibiscus Flower.

Hibiscus is a flower grown in tropical regions, such as Mexico. When dried, one can use it to create a distinct and tasty, tart treat. You can purchase dried hibiscus at most groceries that have international sections. And, obviously, you can even buy it online at (because you can buy absolutely everything online at amazon). And did you know that Starbucks now sells a Very Berry Hibiscus Tea?

My mom, a native of Mexico, drank hibiscus tea throughout her childhood and continues to make it on a regular basis. It is easy to make and requires few ingredients. Hibiscus is high in Vitamin C and is good at lowering blood pressure — quite the nutritious value in a simple juice! Caution though, the flower is quite tart and requires a lot of honey to sweeten up the taste….


Dried flowers

Dried flowers.

* Dried hibiscus

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DIY Tie Dye Project

Apparently I am on a tie-dye kick.   I featured tie dye fashion last week and here I am again claiming how stylish and awesome the 60’s throwback look is. Obviously, Eugene is making me forget New York style.  Tie dyes, you rock!


My sister-in-law Katie and I thought it would be a great project for the kiddos one afternoon to tie-dye some shirts and other goodies. Although a lot of fun, I am not sure that the kids under 4 years old enjoyed it as much as the older ones…it took a lot of steps, planning, and preparation. That said, we had a lot of fun and made some cool looking clothes!


* White tees, undies, skirts, shorts, socks, whatever you want

* Dye

* Buckets

* Rubber bands

* Rubber gloves (or if you are like us, some plastic bags)

* A lot of patience

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