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My COVID hobby of needlepoint is back in to my life again, thanks to the coolest and hippest needlepoint company, Pip and Roo. After my first two designs, I started googling “hip needlepoint” and sure enough after many duds, I found Pip and Roo. Unfortunately, as everyone and their mother started needlepointing during COVID (along with baking banana bread and bike riding), it was impossible to find one of their designs as they were sold out everywhere. Thanks to a notification, I finally was informed when they were back in stock so I jumped on it. I made the Rose (Whispering Angel, but of course) over the past three days and I just ordered the Aperol Spritz and I can’t wait to start on that. They are funny, cheeky, cute, and well designed. So many other companies make cheesy and flat out lame and uninspiring drawings….so if you are on the lookout for cool and hip needlepointing, take a look at Pip and Roo!


Night one. I love it — and hate it at the same time — I can’t put it down which is good and bad.

Matches my sweatshirt.

Finished product.


I love it — it is so happy and bright. Granted, the colors are a little crazy but the pattern doesn’t come with thread, so I had to go (one day when I was in a rush) to the store and pick out the colors I thought would look good and they turned out a little NEON and bright — just like I love it 🙂 For the aperol spritz one, I ordered it through an amazing store on Nantucket (thank you, google), Erica Wilson, and called them and ordered it all over the phone — they are sending it with the thread colors and all is set. LOVE!


How cute is it???


For those of you who know me well, I love aperol spritzes, and Ken loves rose. So I thought the duo of the two of them would be oh-so-cute. Not sure what I am going to do with them when I am done…..but YOLO. Happy Friday, happy weekend, happy August!

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