Satellite Repairs – Denim

Last month when I was packing for the summer, I found one of my beloved denim summer jumpsuits to pack. The problem was that it felt a little more risque and showed too much skin than I felt the need to at the ripe age of 45. So through the referral from a friend, I was introduced to Evie, who repairs denims.


Photo from 2020 — I love this R13 denim jumpsuit — one of the perfect summer outfits. But I never liked that it went up on the thighs. (and oh — my ankle injury — thank god I don’t have that now!)

Case in point — check this out from 2020 — TOO MUCH LEG SHOWN!

Another one — needed to be fixed.


Thanks to Evie, and Satellite Repairs, I will be returning to the US in a couple of weeks with a NEW and UPDATED denim jumpsuit. Look at the magic. IT IS MAGIC.


Patched and even more magic.

No more over exposed thighs, and now some sparkle and stars. LOVE.



So much inspiration.


I love it so much — I can’t wait to see it in person, but know that it will be even better in real life. So if you need a denim repair, contact Evie. And I am going to learn how to do this — next on my list of hobbies is to do this!!!!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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