3 Beauty Products I Love

I tend not to wear a lot of makeup, but the makeup that I do put on, I love. These three beauty products are new additions to my bathroom cabinet, and I can’t get enough of them!

Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lip Gloss

hourglassLaunched in 2004, Hourglass Cosmetics is a paraben-free beauty brand that offers the most luscious and beautiful lip colors. I am particularly fond of the extreme sheen lip gloss which is deep, shiny, and luxurious. The active ingredients also hydrate the lips which prevents them from cracking or chapping. The lip gloss goes on smoothly, adds a punch of color, and relieves thirsty lips without flaking or drying the color.

lip gloss

This lip gloss doesn’t have the stickiness that many others have. It adds color without being overly matte, is hydrating, and gives off the perfect amount of shimmer and sheen to the lip.

Small enough to hide in the palm of your hand.

Small enough to hide in the palm of your hand.

Chanel Bronzer Brush

Is there anything that Chanel makes that isn’t super fabulous and first class?


This Bronzer / Powder brush is no exception. The soft and delicate hair of the brushes applies just the right amount of color to your face. Not too much powder, not too little. The brush produces a natural luminous effect with its soft and delicate bristles.


Even this powder brush looks that much more sophisticated and expensive than its counterparts. Go Chanel.




Kevyn Aucoin Bronzer

Kevyn Aucoin is most known for being the American make up artist of the century. When alive, he transformed many beautiful women into glamorous women, just with the addition of makeup. He then went on to create a makeup line as he believed that makeup “carried with it the powerful ability to unlock brilliant possibilities inside every woman.” His vision was to make every woman feel beautiful no matter what.

kevyn aucoinAnd he sure knew what he was doing. The bronzer, Celestial Bronzing Veil, gives a healthy sun-kissed radiant look to the skin without being overly orange. There is a little bit of a sheen to it, but just the right amount, to give the face a glowing and radiant look. The powder is a gradated shade which allows some versatility and sculpting when applied.


A big ‘ol kiss of sun to your face. Without causing wrinkles or sun damage.

My jam! My favorite 3 new beauty products!

My jam! My favorite 3 new beauty products!

What are your current beauty obsessions? Please share!

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  1. Got to love Clinique! Especially the gift with purchase… I’m always getting my necessities.

  2. I am VIOLENTLY allergic to SKII, I tried to fight it for a while, bec I freaking loved the softness…but I just couldn’t deal with it anymore.

    My current loves are:
    this Chagrin Valley face mousse. Just a tiny amount is amazing. And super cheap!

    Tarte Smoldereyes liner in Bronze

    It Cosmetics Cheek Flush blush (the brush is the bomb too!!!) in Peony, replaced my beloved Nars Torrid

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