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Remember last week when I mentioned my dear friend who is ALWAYS in the know of beauty and skincare products? Well she amazingly offered to write up her CURRENT beauty favorites! I am so so so excited to share them with you — and thank you so much, Alicia! May we all have your incredible glowing skin, chic taste in everything, and style — you are one of a kind — love you oh so much!


1. Hermes Lipstick


Hermes lipstick- love it! I am more of a matte lipstick person so I love all the matte ones. Love the colors, great pinks and number 11 is the best natural color. Love the texture, design, and fragrance. They do everything so perfectly!

The selection. They are not inexpensive, but they are luxurious, smooth, last, and beautiful in their unique cases.


2. MBR Enzyme Cleaning Booster


The cleansing booster is great to use as a second cleanser at night only. It is great if you live in the city, double cleanse, but it doesn’t dry or strip your skin. It is amazing!


3. MBR Beta Enzyme

The Beta Enzyme is a product you can put on in the am, leaving it on 15 mins or so while you put the coffee on or take Stevie out, then wash off and put your face cream, ready to run or work out. It is a light exfoliant, no tingling sensation, light enough to use everyday. (But maybe start every skip to make sure you don’t react to it.)


4. Westmann Atelier Brushes


Westman Atelier anything! I think I have just about everything, embracing to admit! But her brushes are really really good. My faves are here- Blender Brush and Baby Blender Brush and Foundation brush, which I use with the bronzer only. I feel the shape and size really help with the application. I am not great with make up, but these brushes really help!


5. Biologique Recherche Creme Masque Vernix


It is a super rich cream the I use maybe twice a week after my whole evening routine, (double cleanse, serums, night cream etc.) I put it on top and go to bed with it. It is amazing in the winter as it is super thick and it acts like a mask overnight!



Thank you, Alicia! I can’t wait to get my hands on these products. I will do anything to have your glow and impeccable skin! Thank you so much for always sharing what you love and I am so happy that today you were able to contribute to the blog!!!! xoxoxo

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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