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There is only one person I really trust to give me make up advice, and that is Oscar Caballero. I first met him 4 years ago at Barney’s in the makeup department where he works for Natura Bisse.  He also works independently as a make-up artist.  From day one, there was just an instant feeling of comfort and trust, and I went to him for advice on skincare and makeup. Since then, he has done my makeup countless times, as well as my mother-in-law’s.  He is also a friend.  Enjoy this interview… ladies… here are some great tips from an expert!


Oscar! Applying makeup to Miss Honduras.

Oscar! Applying makeup to Miss Honduras.

1) As a make-up artist, what top 5 products do you believe everyone should own?


I think every woman needs to have a good black mascara, an eyebrow pencil, bronzer, concealer and lip gloss in her bag… quick pick me up products that can be put on anywhere in case of a last minute event, etc.


Makeup can change how you feel and look more than anything else.

Makeup can change how you feel and look more than anything else.


2) Are you loyal to certain brands? If so, which makeup lines do you find the best?


I try to use friendly lines…. I do not like lines that get complicated and tell women HOW TO wear her make up pretty much.   I love Surratt Beauty because it is great quality and easy to layer… any woman can use it.    For “glamour,” I love going to Chanel, Givenchy and YSL for their lipsticks and texture.  Those can change a look instantly… lipsticks can do that in no time.


A variety of brands: mix and match.

A variety of brands: mix and match.


3) As you know, I am on the constant search for the best mascara. What is your favorite one and why?


My favorite mascara is the Surratt Beauty… I love the brush… it is jet black and the fibers add volume instantly.


black black

black black


4) I also believe in a good bronzer. What bronzer do you swear by and why?


I love the Givenchy Bronzer in #2 because it gives a gorgeous golden glow… my second option is NARS Laguna… it is deeper and can be great to pop your tan in the summer… neither one changes the tone throughout the day, which is important… some bronzers turn orange at times.


The name itself says it all "Healthy Glow"

The name itself says it all “Healthy Glow”


5) As someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, what would you recommend that I always have in my makeup bag, that might help brighten up my face and make me feel pretty?


A concealer and a colorful lipstick…. the concealer can be used throughout the entire face to brighten you… the lipstick will pop instantly and can be added to the apple of the cheeks.


6) Not only are you a make up artist, but you work for the skin line Natura Bisse. What products of the line are must haves and why?


Life Infusion and Cure Sheer Cream.  Life infusion has won so many awards for the results it gives you (one of Beyonces favorite) and the sheer cream is great as a SPF, tinted moisturizer and cream… all in one.


The Cure.

The Cure.


7) I keep getting older and older (believe it or not) and my skin goes with my age. What Natura Bisse products (or other skin lines) help slow down my aging process and make the most difference to my skin?


Diamond Life Infusion… it reverses the age of your cells and increases your natural hydration… a must have!!! I also love the Age Defying Smoothing treatment from Eve Lom..these capsules are awesome and act like botox almost…





8) What colors for lips are on trend for this spring-summer season?


Red!!! Red!!! Red… this is the color to go to this season… so many designers sent their models down the runway in red lips… if red is too much, then do some kind of color.. pinks can do the trick too.





9) Any other upcoming makeup trends for the new season that we should be aware of?


For summer: nude face is big. Since the braids are making a come back, a nude face complements it great. Just add a nude lip for day… and a red for night to change it up.


Nude face looks impeccable, but of course it doesn't hurt to be a freaking beautiful supermodel.

Nude face looks impeccable, but of course it doesn’t hurt to be a freaking beautiful supermodel.


10) Anything else you want to add or you think would be interesting? (Let me know if you think I am forgetting something that could be of interest to people!)


I think every woman should have fun with her make up… after all, it does come off.  Play with it, try new shades and never leave your house with out a lipstick in your bag.  🙂


Bag of tricks.

Bag of tricks.



Thank you so much, Oscar! And NYC ladies, if you ever need a fabulous makeup guy, email Oscar here. Can’t recommend him enough!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Loved learning about the new beauty tips and tricks for spring and summer. I think every girl should change it up and try new things with their makeup!

  2. Awesome, will check him out the fact he works for nutria bisse …makes him legit! Ive tried their line and , right with Kanebo …it is the best! May head to him to see about NB product and make-up …will start to follow him!

    ThanksYael, didn’t know New Potato is also yr thang?!

    ps – you had me making dumplings for the first time and they were the bomb, Kenny’s book on my shelf! Love it …highly recommend! So easy made big batch I can pull out of the freezer & get my yum on at a moments notice!

  3. I want Oscar to do my makeup! I think I am going to try the Givenchy bronzer. Constantly searching for the right shade. Thank you for the awesome makeup tips!

    • Jenn you will love that bronzer… It looks natural, like when your tan settles in after been in the sun

  4. Can we get Oscar to tell us where he got his makeup brushes that are featured in the instagram picture on #10? I am a makeup addict and NEED to have those brushes.

    • Emma, I use a variety of brushes.. Chanel, Chanticalle, NARS.. BUT my favorite brushes to own right now are SURRATT BEAUTY. Every brush is hand made, one by one. I am building my set with them right now. Loooove them!

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