Currently Loving February 2024

January was a long year….and now we are at the shortest month, but it’s still winter (which I don’t love) but this is what I AM loving!


1. H Mart Haul


H Mart is a Koren grocery store that has every kind of Asian food that you want. Last weekend, we went there as an activity, and there was so much to look at and buy, we could have all stayed there for HOURS! This was some of our goodies that we picked up. Chocopie — HUGE hit with Cruzzie. His favorite — and now I need to go back and get more for him.

2.  Coupe Glasses


Who doesn’t love champagne? Especially out of coupe glasses! The best way to drink champagne.


3. Sunrise Colors


Sunrises on early morning runs. I love the different colors, the look of the sky and the city.


4. Spanakopita from the Smitten Kitchen


Spanakopita — took a million hours to make and about 2 minutes to eat. Worth it nevertheless.


5. Happy Random Signs


What is this sign — doesn’t it make you happy??? I love it.


6. Cloud Water Immunity


LOVE LOVE LOVE this combo of blood orange and coconut (and vitamins and zinc!) Tasted good and does a body good, too!


7. Knitting Project in Harlem


Colorful hand-knitted street art along the FDR. I think I need to come and start adding my creations on this link fence, too.


8. East Midtown Waterfront


I finally got the chance to go to East Midtown Waterfront (between 53rd and 61st) that opened up and it is GLORIOUS! Such a beautiful grass area, park, steps, view, running path. Huge fan and can’t wait to return. You must go check it out!


What are you loving this week? Day? Hour? Second? Do share! And have a great week.


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