Currently Loving May 2023 #1

May in NYC started off gray and rainy, but over the weekend, the weather improved and it is GLORIOUS outside. Nothing better than NYC in the sunshine (without humidity) and not overly hot (very rare). I am loving a lot this month, so broke up this one post into two — so stay tuned for later in the week for the second portion of everything I am loving this month!.


1. Amber Waves Farm


Amber Waves Farm. A friend who is heavily involved in a Hamptons Farm, Amber Farms, had people over to her house for food, cocktails, and a tulip making class with tulips grown locally at the Amber Waves Farm. It was incredibly informative (I learned so much) and also so much fun. And the flowers — holy smokes, so gorgeous.

The tulips lasted longer than a week and were so sturdy and beautiful. At Amber Waves Farm, they grow over 70 different varieties of tulips!


2. Eugene Marathon


On April 30th (the last day of last month, not May, I know), I finished my 20th marathon. I flew back to my childhood home (and my favorite place) as it felt perfect to celebrate this milestone in my birthplace, and the place that taught me to love running. Eugene is the capital of running and track and field, and so having the experience to run this marathon was great. I didn’t LOVE the marathon, but I did love the experience, so am thankful for that. And so yes, I am currently loving that my body can push itself to run a lot and compete in these races.


3. Xicha Brewing Mexican Restaurant


Oregon has amazing Mexican food (my kids LIVE on mexican food in the summer), and a new restaurant opened up in town and I can’t wait to frequent it all summer long. It was incredible. This was my order after the marathon.

The nachos were the best things I have ever tasted (and I eat a lot of nachos).


4.  Clean Windows


Windows getting cleaned. Is there ANYTHING better? Also, I love to think of all the fun / crazy / weird / random things that NYC window cleaners get to see….I just finished jump roping, and thankfully he didn’t see that. But I am sure there is some totally bizarre things that they see.


5. Fancy Feet Jump Roping App


Now that my marathon is done, I am committed to more strength training and acquiring new skills, such as jump roping. I follow an incredible jump roping influencer (yes there is such a thing), Lauren Jumps, and she created an app to help you with the basics to get to her level of combos. I have a LOT to learn, but I love a challenge, and I love this app.



OK, so that is what I am loving! I have many more things I am currently loving, so check back in on Wednesday! And send me what you love right now, please and thank you!

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