Currently Loving January 2021

Over half way done with January 2021! Here is what I am currently loving right now!


1. Lost Frequencies & Zonderling: Crazy


I love this song. It is upbeat, fun, feel good. And I also love the video. It just makes you want to dance!!!! Or look at beautiful people dance (as seen in the video).


2. Bridgerton


Yes, everyone knows about Bridgerton, but I would be sad not to mention that, I too, fell deeply in love with this show and watched it in a week…..mix of Gossip Girl and The Crown. Beautifully done.


3. Health Ade Booch Pop


Favorite afternoon drink pick me up.


4. Surgical Suit for Dog


Our baby Stevie got spayed last week, and due to her incision, was given a cone around her head. It DID NOT WORK. And I am apparently late to the party of dog things and had no idea about surgical suits….and it has been a LIFE CHANGER. So I need you all to know — if your dog is getting spayed, SO LONG CONE, HELLO SURGICAL SUIT. Thanks to friends and my beloved sister in law (a vet) who told me about this — game changer.


5. Needlepoint Luggage Tags


Aren’t these to die for? Vintage needlepoint luggage tags! I am currently working on the JFK one and it makes me so happy.



Happy Mid January! We made is this far…..we can do this! (oh and please share with me what you are currently loving – I LOVE hearing from you)

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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NYC Marathon 2018: Achilles Guide

This past Sunday, I ran as a guide for Achilles International, an organization for disabled athletes. Although it was my overall 12th marathon, it was my first marathon as a guide. It was an incredibly difficult, overwhelming, emotional, and beautiful experience. I was paired with a 25 year old blind runner, Eddy, who I had met with twice beforehand. Before our marathon together, Eddy showed me his spirit of positivity, gratefulness, and sincerity, so I knew that that would help carry me through our run together. And it did.



Me and Eddy after the marathon (and after the shower) at his family’s apartment on Roosevelt Island. Yes, I took a tram after running a marathon, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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Guide to Meditation

If you are going to read ONE thing today, I highly suggest that you go with *THIS*.  And not just to skim or breeze over, but to actually take the time to see the words, hear the sounds, click on the links, and see what resonates. I am sure that we will see the truth, value, honesty, wisdom, and beauty that my dear friend Emily has to share with us.

Zoe and her BFF, Emily Jean Anthony.

Zoe and her BFF, Emily Jean Anthony, in early October.

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