Summer 2016 Reading List

Summer (for me) officially begins tomorrow when I fly out to Oregon with the kids to spend the summer with my parents. Once out there, I have no friends, no life, no tutoring, and no real responsibilities (not necessarily very “summer-like” for most people….but it is my way of recharging). It is the PERFECT time for me to read. I have a long list of books I would like to read this summer, so here they are.  If you have any book suggestions, please share.


Books / xoxo / Cruz

Books / xoxo / Cruz

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Herbivore Botanical Salts

Happy Monday!  A little housekeeping work.  For those of you who get the blog by email, we have moved to a new (better) service (Mailchimp).  Just a heads up to look for a slightly different email going forward.   And if that sounds like an awesome idea and you want to sign up, click here.  On to today’s post!


Set of three!

Set of three! Detox, Renew, and Calm.

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Summer 2014 Reading List

Summer is my main time to read a lot; longer days, less to do, and no TV. That said, I have been obsessed with Scandal (so horrible it’s good), surfing the internet (searching for a fall coat), and sports (Wimbledon and World Cup)… so here is my list of books to read this summer! Hope you get some inspiration from this list. Enjoy!


1. A Replacement Life (Boris Fishman)




(Side note: Boris Fishman’s father is a doorman in our building.  The story behind the family and the book is truly inspiring, and I can’t wait to share more with you in a future post.)

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Guide to Meditation

If you are going to read ONE thing today, I highly suggest that you go with *THIS*.  And not just to skim or breeze over, but to actually take the time to see the words, hear the sounds, click on the links, and see what resonates. I am sure that we will see the truth, value, honesty, wisdom, and beauty that my dear friend Emily has to share with us.

Zoe and her BFF, Emily Jean Anthony.

Zoe and her BFF, Emily Jean Anthony, in early October.

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