Sleep Help

Ever since September, my 9 year old daughter has had major sleep anxiety and issues falling asleep. It has been extremely challenging (and tiring for me) and I have experimented with almost everything. Nothing has worked…..until, recently, I tried a guided sleep meditation to listen to and it has been the ONLY thing that seems to be helping. So, even though this is a total overshare of my problems, I wanted to throw it out to anyone else experiencing sleep anxiety with a child.


For NINE years, Tusia was the most incredible sleeper. She would fall asleep at 7 pm and wake up anytime after 7 am. But now, since our return home to NYC after the summer away, it has been terrible. She is nervous, anxious, worried, and does not want to fall asleep.

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COVID Running Playlist

Although I am not currently training for a marathon, I am running as if I were. Not at the same high intensity, but as my only form of exercise, I am running everyday, a lot……I can’t wait to start back at my training to give me some variation in speed / miles / direction….but for now, it is just a lot of miles for a lot of days….so here is my COVID running playlist. Enjoy!


Sometimes I run along the ocean, sometimes on a path, it’s not a lot of variation but MAN is it pretty!

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Pamela Gold: Post #3

As the (still?) New Year is a time of reflection and improvement, I sought out my ever so wise friend, Pamela Gold, to answer all my dying questions. Forever a source of knowledge, she was the perfect person to ask a series of  neurotic and panicked questions! Thank you, Pamela! You are the best! And yes, her answers are novels because she has so much to share always. It is a lot of information all at once, so if I were you, read it now, save some for later, but READ IT. It is worth the length and time it takes to read it. (NO PICTURES BECAUSE THE WORDS ARE WHAT IS IMPORTANT).


Peaceful images.

Peaceful images for peaceful thoughts.

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White Light: Pamela Gold

My friend Pamela is annoyingly awesome at whatever she does. One minute she decides to get into perfect shape, so she instantly becomes muscle-mania. The next minute, she decides to go back to work, and becomes PRESIDENT of a company. Then, she decides that she wants to become more spiritual and mindful,  so she becomes a guru specialist excelling in anything and everything. GAG, right? The thing is, that instead of being disgusted by her talent, energy, intelligence, beauty, and commitment, I am in awe of her. What? Who is she, right? And did I even mention that she has two kids with no help whatsoever, and a husband that also works full time?


Pamela Gold does exist. And my life is better because she is in it. She makes me be a better person, and wants me to make myself a better person. She rubs off on everyone and makes them want to try harder. I feel that not only can I learn from her, but the world can too. And so that is why I want to share info on her new company / platform / idea to enrich other people’s lives by breaking down mindfulness and the search for inner peace.


Hottie McHottie. And Yale Grad. And inspirational mother. Yada yada yada. SHE IS GOOD AT EVERYTHING.

Hottie McHottie. And Yale Grad. And inspirational mother. Yada yada yada. SHE IS GOOD AT EVERYTHING.

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Guide to Meditation

If you are going to read ONE thing today, I highly suggest that you go with *THIS*.  And not just to skim or breeze over, but to actually take the time to see the words, hear the sounds, click on the links, and see what resonates. I am sure that we will see the truth, value, honesty, wisdom, and beauty that my dear friend Emily has to share with us.

Zoe and her BFF, Emily Jean Anthony.

Zoe and her BFF, Emily Jean Anthony, in early October.

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