Yvonne Sporre Girls Dress

My daughter is a girlie girl who loves long dresses, pink, flowers, and jewelry (already dreading teenage years…).  So when I found out this spring that one of my favorite dress designers, Yvonne Sporre,was now making her signature dresses for young girls, I raced to Warm (my favorite store in the WORLD HANDS DOWN UNDERLINED BOLD ITALIC TEN EXCLAMATION POINTS) to buy a dress for Tusia. And man, is it beautiful. Beyond magical, unique, stunning, incredible. So happy. Love is an understatement. Expensive, but dreamy nonetheless.


Who says long white dresses aren't perfect for the park?

Who says long white dresses aren’t perfect for the park?

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Paper Flowers

I do not have a green thumb. Actually quite the opposite, as every plant I ever get dies within a month or two. I love orchids, but I always gets sad when they wilt away, become flowerless, and end up turning into a big, depressing, bleak twig. So I was terribly happy (is that an oxymoron?) when I found handmade paper flowers from The Green Vase, when wandering around one of my favorite stores: John Derian. green vase Continue Reading


There is nothing more beautiful than a fresh, crisp orchid in the house. Problem is, orchids from florists tend to be expensive – easily between $100 and $200. And if you are anything like me, no matter how well you try to care for the orchid, their life expectancy is a month, 6 weeks at best. So, if you live in New York, the flower district on West 28th street is the best deal in town! Not only are there beautiful fresh flowers for you to choose from (all event planners go to 28th street to get their flowers for events), but they sell the most affordable and beautiful orchids in the city! AND THEY DELIVER!

aisles of orchids

Rows upon rows of orchids in every color, size, and style.

Although most of the stores in the flower district deliver, it also makes for a fun early morning adventure to see all the colorful flowers, holiday plants, and New York Flavor.

my little buddy

My little buddy on our search for the perfect flowers and orchids.

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