Yvonne Sporre Girls Dress

My daughter is a girlie girl who loves long dresses, pink, flowers, and jewelry (already dreading teenage years…).  So when I found out this spring that one of my favorite dress designers, Yvonne Sporre,was now making her signature dresses for young girls, I raced to Warm (my favorite store in the WORLD HANDS DOWN UNDERLINED BOLD ITALIC TEN EXCLAMATION POINTS) to buy a dress for Tusia. And man, is it beautiful. Beyond magical, unique, stunning, incredible. So happy. Love is an understatement. Expensive, but dreamy nonetheless.


Who says long white dresses aren't perfect for the park?

Who says long white dresses aren’t perfect for the park?

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Yvonne Sporre

Yvonne SMy newest designer obsession is Yvonne S. Beachy, easy, flattering, different and summery. All of her pieces in the current SS 12 collection are perfect for the beach, wedding, and everyday wear. As a casual West Coast girl, I instantly fell in love with the collections and wanted everything in it. Is that too much for a girl to ask for?

S/S 12

Yvonne S was started by Ibizan model, Yvonne Sporre, in 2009. In all four seasons that her work has been showcased, it has been well received by the fashion world and consumers alike. Prior to being a designer, Yvonne was a model, stylist, editor at Vogue, and a fashion consultant. Is it possible for ONE person to be that good at everything? Her clothing is bright and full of colors, flowers, and prints. I am in love. Here are some of my favorite pieces:


A big fan of floral patterns to begin with, I love the Latin look and feel to this baggy simple dress.

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