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Yvonne SMy newest designer obsession is Yvonne S. Beachy, easy, flattering, different and summery. All of her pieces in the current SS 12 collection are perfect for the beach, wedding, and everyday wear. As a casual West Coast girl, I instantly fell in love with the collections and wanted everything in it. Is that too much for a girl to ask for?

S/S 12

Yvonne S was started by Ibizan model, Yvonne Sporre, in 2009. In all four seasons that her work has been showcased, it has been well received by the fashion world and consumers alike. Prior to being a designer, Yvonne was a model, stylist, editor at Vogue, and a fashion consultant. Is it possible for ONE person to be that good at everything? Her clothing is bright and full of colors, flowers, and prints. I am in love. Here are some of my favorite pieces:


A big fan of floral patterns to begin with, I love the Latin look and feel to this baggy simple dress.


Gold, glittery, and long.

Festive, comfortable, wearable day and night. Beach and dinner.


Here are some pictures of me in an Yvonne S dress worn this past weekend at a wedding in Calistoga, California. It may look a little like a muumuu, but let me tell you IT IS SO FLIPPIN’ COMFORTABLE and I love the muumuu look, too. So be it.


Like the picture in the lookbook, but not really.


Different angle. I love everything about this dress - the shape, the comfort, the bits of details, the random gold threads here and there, the color, the print.


Me and my fashionista husband (don't tell him I said that)

It is difficult to find Yvonne S’s clothes in the US, but it is worth looking her up! Here is a list of stores that carry her around the world. I know that I am now obsessed with her and will do anything to find her future collections.

Until Friday, have a great rest of the week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Love these.. why aren’t they more available in the US? Looks like you can’t buy online?

  2. you look SO cute in that dress. i need something like that – it looks so cooling. it’s way too hot in NYC. brutal.

    • Aw shucks thanks reeney. It hides my belly but apparently not my flabby arms. Oh well. Miss you!!!

  3. Dear Josie,
    Thank you so much for your interested for Yvonne S.
    You can find Yvonne S in Warm, NY http://www.warmny.com
    Or on the webshop LuisaViaRoma http://www.luisaviaroma.com/index.aspx?#CatalogSrv.ashx|Season=actual&Gender=women&SubLine=&DesignerId=M29&CategoryId=&ItemSeasonId=&ItemCollectionId=&ItemId=0&ColorId=&FromSearch=false&PriceRange=&Discount=&SizeTypeId=&SizeId=&Available=false&NewArrivals=false&ListaId=&ViewExcluded=false&IsMobile=false

    Yvonne S

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