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My daughter is a girlie girl who loves long dresses, pink, flowers, and jewelry (already dreading teenage years…).¬† So when I found out this spring that one of my favorite dress designers, Yvonne Sporre,was now making her signature dresses for young girls, I raced to Warm (my favorite store in the WORLD HANDS DOWN UNDERLINED BOLD ITALIC TEN EXCLAMATION POINTS) to buy a dress for Tusia. And man, is it beautiful. Beyond magical, unique, stunning, incredible. So happy. Love is an understatement. Expensive, but dreamy nonetheless.


Who says long white dresses aren't perfect for the park?

Who says long white dresses aren’t perfect for the park?

Just love this photo.

Just love this photo.

Life is a balancing act.

Life is a balancing act.

The tie in the front, along with amber necklaces.

The tie in the front (rope with two wooden balls), along with amber necklaces.

The dress moves with the wind and the air. LOVE.

The dress moves with the wind and the air. LOVE.

White with flowers.

My little geisha, wearing her favorite dress. I love the white with flowers. Airy and flowery.

With her brother.

With her brother. Riding the bike to and from the playground.

From the back.

From the back. I want to gobble those elbows (when do elbows get so ugly because they are beyond adorable).


Sitting. Not necessarily like “a lady” but classy nonetheless.


Playing and drinking.


This is one piece of the kids’ clothing that I will keep forever¬† — it just so beautiful and memorable. I love the print, the shape, the flow, and the way it makes my baby girl feel so beautiful and empowered. To purchase the dress, visit one of Yvonne Sporre’s stockists, listed here.

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  1. Your daughter has such a pretty hair color from the sun! & that dress is perfection.

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