Josie by Natori Exotic Petals

A new fragrance!  You’ll remember the Josie by Natori fragrance launched last summer… well, a new limited edition updated flanker is out and it is the PERFECT scent for late summer/early fall  — white floral, citrus, floral, musky, amber, and woody! Josie by Natori Exotic Petals (even the name smells good!).


Even the box is beautiful!

Even the box is beautiful!  Cool side note:  the print matches some Josie fashion pieces like this and this.  Love!

Josie by Natori

Josie by Natori

The bottle.

The bottle.


Love (both the bottle and the Oregon Coast backdrop).




This eau de toilette spray is sexy, feminine, and exotic (three words that I would love to use to describe myself, even if they’re not totally right…maybe if I start using the perfume, I will be more of those three adjectives?) In the meantime, I am so thrilled to use this — and smell like an Oregonian Bombshell!  For more on the notes/scents, click here.  Enjoy!

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  1. I love the bottle! I entered the Natori Instagram contest to win this, but I guess someone else won. 🙁

  2. Beautiful pics.. I’m definitely going to order! I loved the previous Josie fragrance.

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