Eau de Yosh

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Did you know that perfume was originally used by ancient civilizations for communicating with the gods?  Yosh Han knows that and countless other elements about the therapeutic properties of essential oils and aromatherapy, or trans-aromation as she calls it.  I believe she was born to be a perfumer– even the Chinese character for Yosh means “fragrant”.  How cool is that!?


Yosh is my dear friend and is truly an enlivened artist.  Always traveling the globe offering scented aura readings and sharing her full wardrobe of perfumes with those she encounters, she is a rare blend of wildly successful entrepreneur and feminine, passionate soul centered visionary.  Every time we are together the conversation takes us on a ride that stirs my soul and creativity.

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Yosh Han began her career as an apprentice to a perfumer in Aspen, Colorado where she learned to identify and combine essential oils and perfume essences. Today, inspired by all things that evoke emotion and memories, she combines the art of perfumery with the science of aromachology.

She founded her company Eau De Yosh in 2002 by developing a strong clientele who wanted their own signature perfumes.  Yosh calls upon her deep and abiding connection to flowers and herbs instilled by her mother, a trained master of Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging and a disciple of herbal medicine to fragrances that stir the senses, fascinate the mind and enchant the soul. Yosh integrates her spiritual connection with her aromatic artistry and teaches others about vibrational perfumery, edible essences and aromatic attunements—fragrant meditations.


Based on moods, personalities and intuition, each fragrance is crafted using the finest ingredients from all over the world, then assigned a numerical value that corresponds to the fragrance family and resonates with principles of Chakra energy and numerology.  Tell me how many perfumers you know who offer scented aura readings at Barneys?  I know of only 1!


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