Favorite Fragrance Oil Scents

For the past several weeks, I have been on a fragrance scent kick. Essential oil blends that smell divine versus perfumes full of harsh chemicals and overpowering smells. Here are my top three fragrance oil scents — I honestly can’t get enough of them.


Big little small; all divine.

Big little small; all uplifting, clean and bright scents.

Lake & Skye: 11 11





I had heard great things about this scent, which almost has a cult following. And so when I came across it, I had to buy it (without even smelling it). AND NOW IT IS SO WEIRD because I want to smother myself in it every single day. It just smells so divine. Like the beach, or a happy day, or smiles (I am really bad at describing smells — trust me, and just get it).


Leilani Bishop: Lilac





My favorite flower is the lilac. Whenever I see it or smell it, I am transported to my childhood on Emerald Street in Eugene, Oregon where we had lilac bushes everywhere. It is also my mother’s favorite flower, but she is allergic to it.   So while she would always have them in the house, the smell would make her sneeze.  But it didn’t stop her. This oil smells exactly like the lilac bush. It is heavenly.


Warm: Warm





My long time favorite scent from my long time favorite boutique. Everything Warm does is perfection, and this fragrance oil is no exception. It also smells like summertime, vacations, kisses, water, and happiness. What is not to love? I apply it all the time, and carry it with me at all times. I actually don’t care what other people think I smell like, but I wear it for myself — it truly makes me happy.



So there you have it, my top 3 fragrance oil scents. It is also important to note that all three of these are non-alcohol based, paraben, sulfate, phthalate and phosphate free. So good for the bod! What smells are you loving these days? Any recommendations?


Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Fragrance is my weak spot. I have a ton of fragrances, and mix them with scented lotions. When I was 20, I opened up Vanity Fair to smell an ad… Acqua di Gio by Armani and knew it was my scent right away. They don’t sell in department stores any more, but there are a few more I really like…Mimosa by Calypso St. Bart. Mediterranean Honeysuckle by Aerin…Orange Honeysuckle by Jo Malone…I’ve always loved Summer Hill lotion by Crabtree. And once I chased a woman down the hall who smelled so good and original. She was wearing Charlie Silver, available at your local CVS and one great buy.

  2. Also, my apologies about these not being so natural but I am really intrigued by these suggested scents so I’ll be expanding my collection.

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