Apparently I am the last one to know that a scent you put on your body is not called ‘perfume.’ Rather, it is called ‘fragrance.’ So, ladies, I am pleased to announce the ever-so-new and ever-so-fresh fragrance by Josie! Light, airy and transparent, this scent is infused with Asian pear, Sampaguita (the national flower of the Philippines) and some vanilla which makes it sweeter and fun for summer. Very fresh and every day. And it JUST came out last week!


The bottle

The bottle, a graphic take on life. The packaging is beautifully mismatched to achieve a statement of perfect imperfection. #truedat

The fragrance, I must say, is NICE. Super NICE (said with a French accent). It is crisp, light, sweet (but not overly), fresh, and contemporary.


Various sizes.

Various sizes of the signature scent. With the sexy edge.


It also comes in a roller-ball parfum, body lotion, and body cream. DAMN, your body will be thanking you later.


Side view

Side view

Up close to view the name.

Up close to view the name. Yep, Josie. This scent truly captures what ‘Josie’ is all about. It is a bright, bold blend of energetic femininity and enveloping sensuality. Truly a mixture of woman that I strive to be.

Bird's eye.

Bird’s eye


Last week, while I was wearing birkenstocks and dirty-ol-cut-offs in Nature Eugene, Oregon, my (hubba hubba) husband and parents attended the Josie Fragrance Launch at the Natori store in New York City. (Did I tell you that Natori opened a store in Nolita in NYC? Well, it did! So go visit. 253 Elizabeth Street).

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.28.49 AM

The ever-so-glamourous Natori Family. (Note: notice my absence. I would bring the quality of the photo and the sophistication WAAAAYYYYY down.)

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.31.12 AM

Fragrance display

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.32.52 AM

Mannequins with the Josie print. And amazing sidewalk chalk art!

Graphic Josie print. Must. Have. Now.

Graphic Josie print. Must. Have. Now.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.35.39 AM

Above the counter. How cool (and trippy) is it???

So, GO spray on the Josie scent! It is vibrant, fresh and open – yet still very warm. Vibrant. Confident. Effortlessly Sexy. There is a full visual display at all Bloomingdale’s right now for a few more days.  You can buy it at Bloomingdale’s, Dillards, and JosiebyNatori.com.  Enjoy! #JosieFragrance


Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I saw the same chalk art walking by Bloomingdale’s yesterday! It looks amazing!

  2. Congrats to Josie! The bottle looks very cool. Can’t wait to smell it.

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