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Ever since September, my 9 year old daughter has had major sleep anxiety and issues falling asleep. It has been extremely challenging (and tiring for me) and I have experimented with almost everything. Nothing has worked…..until, recently, I tried a guided sleep meditation to listen to and it has been the ONLY thing that seems to be helping. So, even though this is a total overshare of my problems, I wanted to throw it out to anyone else experiencing sleep anxiety with a child.


For NINE years, Tusia was the most incredible sleeper. She would fall asleep at 7 pm and wake up anytime after 7 am. But now, since our return home to NYC after the summer away, it has been terrible. She is nervous, anxious, worried, and does not want to fall asleep.

We have tried many different sleep meditations, but the favorite right now is a 10 minute Sleep Meditation by Purely Being.


Purely Being. Soothing, simple, successful!


We have listened to her other meditations and they are also approachable and easy, but the sleep one resonates the most due to the problem at hand.


Easy! It does sooth the mind with this short and sweet meditation!


You can find the meditation on spotify or on her website. And if any of you have other tricks or different sleep meditations you recommend, please share! I am hoping that this cures our sleep issue, but also know that any other advice might be needed because YOU NEVER KNOW! I hope you are all sleeping well and having a great week! I can’t believe how close Thanksgiving is, GULP!

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