Smudge Stick

Smudging is the act of burning sage (or other dried herbs, but most commonly sage) and is an ancient art, considered one of the oldest and purest forms of cleansing a person or place.  I love the hippy dippyness of cleansing a room or the spirit of a person with the strong, distinct smell of smoldering (sage) smoke.


Me getting smudged.

Me getting smudged. Negative energy BE GONE!

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The Forest Feast Peanut Butter Coconut Balls



One of the things I love most about spending my summers in Oregon with my parents is my mother’s cooking *AND* her collection of cookbooks. She literally could open up a cookbook library.  This past week, I came across a cookbook, The Forest Feast, given last year to my mother by my bestie. This cookbook is not only beautiful, but the vegetarian recipes are healthy, easy, and simple.   Here is my first find: peanut butter – coconut – no bake balls!  SO DELICIOUS!

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