Currently Loving – Menorca Edition

So much to love on the island of Menorca! Here is what I loved on Menorca during our two week stay. (And if you are thinking about visiting Menorca –DO IT!)


1. Beaches


So many different types of beaches! I loved them all. Rustic, small, popular, chaotic, lounge chairs — every style, I loved.

I loved this beach with the hike.

Can you believe this water?

So much fun in the water. The kids would literally spend the day in it.


2. Watching Soccer


Nothing like watching the Euro Cup with the country playing the game! Went to a Spanish bar for Spain vs. Germany. Loved it all.

Also, loved watching soccer at the house.


3. Random Spanish Food


I am a sucker for any type of chip — and any unique special flavor chip, sign me up. Roasted Red Pepper — LOVED!

Fried squid — so delicious! And sardines.


4. Beach Fruit


I loved that there were always people on the beach selling fruit — coconuts, mangos, pineapples, watermelons. All so delicious!

We had to have different ones at all the different beaches.



5. Beach Bar


Fruit on the beach is great, but this bar on a HIKE to the beach is even better!


6. Crochet Top


I bought this crochet top for 20 dollars! No brand, no name, probably will last 5 wears, but I love it!


7.  Space Invaders in Menorca

We sat down for dinner and LOW AND BEHOLD, we saw a real life Space Invader!

It was like we won the jackpot. Actually, we did win the jackpot.


8. Straw Bag


Other than my 20 dollar crochet top, this was my only purchase in Menorca. A small straw bag. Tusia and I are both obsessed.

It was from this store and everything in the store was absolutely amazing! Wish I had more time to browse through it — but we were in a rush to meet the rest of the crew (I.e. my parents, Ken and Cruzzie) so we didn’t have time to shop!



What are you loving this month? Do share! Hope you are all having a restful July!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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