Eternelle Notre-Dame

Another fun new activity to do in Paris, is to go to the virtual reality experience of Etenerlle Notre-Dame. Due to the fire of 2019, Notre-Dame is currently closed for renovations. Because of this, they created an experience in the plaza next door to the Notre-Dame that gives the history, details, and walk through of the historical church. 10/10 recommend — incredible experience.


Located right next door to the Notre-Dame, few people actually know of this experience. We purchased tickets online beforehand, but you can just walk up right now because of its newness.

Once you go in, you get fitted with the virtual reality equipment.

Backpack, eye goggles, etc.

It is a 45 minute tour where you learn SO much but also have SO much fun. We all loved it so much.

Walking around — feels like you are there.

Tusia got a little tired from the heavy equipment so she laid down for a minute. HA!

Outside the real Notre-Dame.


If you are in Paris, GO SEE! And if you plan to go to Paris at some point, put this on your list of things to do!

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