Currently Loving August 2022 Part 2

It is so true that January and February creep by — each day seems sooooo long, and then July and August just whizzzzzz by. So here we are, end of August, and here is what I am loving.


1. Good Quote


Seen on a hike, “Expect noting. Celebrate everything.” I love this quote and think about it often.

2. Story Station


All over my Oregon, there are little free libraries, that are little houses with books for the community to share. I especially love this one — that people can put articles and poems, etc…


3. Funny Meme


Made me LOL.


4. Early Morning Hikes


Right before it gets too hot, I have been loving taking the kids out on hikes and seeing the nature without the extreme heat. Plus, we are then done with our exercise and ready for more adventures.


5. Even EARLIER Morning Hikes


The kids and I did a sunrise hike this week — loved it — although they said it “was not worth it.” Maybe one day they will appreciate the beauty….


6. Oregon Hummus and Toby’s Tofu Pate


I LOOOOOOVE Toby’s Tofu and all the different vegetarian options in Eugene….


7. Freshly Picked Fruit


We picked 40 pounds of peaches and ate every single one of them…is there anything better than picking fruit off a tree slash shrub and eating it?


8. Salt & Straw Vegan Mint Chip Ice Cream


Best vegan ice cream I have ever eaten in my life — freckled mint chip. Made with coconut milk. Insanely good and the perfect consistency.



Happy Weekend and Happy End of August!


Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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