Winter Running Gear

It is that time of the year where it is cold, dreary, and rainy or snowy or cloudy. Yet, despite the weather, as a runner, I am outside no matter what. Many people ask what I wear when I run in the cold weather, so here are my top gear choices for Winter Running!


This is me after my long run (15 miles) when it was 28 degrees out. I would rather sweat a lot than be cold, so yes, I overdressed and LOOK AT MY SWEAT. It felt so good. The sweat is my whole shirt — even in the cold!

* any leggings


Leggings (and any excuse to post a picture of the little pup, Stevie). Literally, it doesn’t matter what you wear on the bottom. Just make sure they cover your whole leg (and aren’t 3/4 length)

* socks that cover my ankles


I especially like Smart Wool Merino wool socks. They are very warm and makes a huge difference. I like to pull the socks OVER my leggings so they are extra protected and warm.


* gloves


Obviously, the minute it turns cold, I wear gloves. These are my favorite gloves from Patagonia. Sadly, I always seem to lose one every year so I re-buy. It is worth it though.

* favorite headband *by far


I am all about the headband versus the hat. Even in the coldest of temperatures, I prefer the headband. Cruzzie also likes to borrow my headband and wear around……


* Shirts


Hands down my favorite shirt. This is made for cooler conditions delivered in a temperature-regulating merino blend. It is so warm and toasty. A must have for winter training.

* vest


$40 from uniqlo! The best vest EVER!

That’s it! All that I wear in the winter!!! And truth is, once you get moving, this is all you need! Do you have any winter running gear favorites? If you do, share them with me as I spend a lot of time running and always love recommendations!


I love running….no matter the season. Even in Winter when it is gross outside, I love getting the fresh air. And look at this beauty — this was taken this past week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. excellent round-up! your run must have been so satisfying to have ended in that soaked shirt.

    i’m going to be running indoors until spring. i’m always cold and i can definitely attest to your winter selections even for a summer day: smartwool socks and their long sleeve merino top (mine looks new after ~4 years); tracksmith bottoms (wore their shorts today); uniqlo thin puffer; lululemon another mile jacket.

    happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

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