Sonoma 2016

Just returned heavier and happier from another great California trip with the family.  We started the week in Yosemite and ended in beautiful Sonoma.  Invited by close friends from Stanford, we spent last weekend with several other families to enjoy nature and beauty in wine country, on a ridiculously beautiful ranch filled with plums, pears, apples, peaches, berries, vegetables, bees, hiking, pool, tennis, and MORE. Every step I took, I was reminded of the movie Parent Trap (top 5 movies for me, and yes, the one with Lindsay Lohan). To take a look at our California Dreaming, see below.



ATV picnic. I love how California can be so high class and cowboy at the same time.

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Yosemite 2016

Saddened.. yet again.. by another mass tragedy.  France is incredibly close to my heart as I spent all my summers going up with my French exchange family and try to go back as often as I can.


I am sad for all of the victims, and for humanity.




Let me count the ways that I love the West Coast: 1) Oregon 2) California 3) Washington. This past week, we traveled to Yosemite with Stanford Classmates where we lounged, hiked, made smores, laughed, swam, and simply enjoyed the simplicity of the California Nature. AHHHHHH California.


Hike Day 1.

Yosemite National Park is known for its waterfalls, meadows, giant sequoias, and vast wildnerness. This is a photo from our hike on Day 1. It was an easy hike yet truly beautiful, surrounded by trees, water, and waterfalls.

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Sunriver Christmas 2015

Happy 2016 and back to reality! We are back to the routine (school, work, pressure, paying attention to time, the hustle and bustle of the city, oh me oh my!), which makes me even more nostalgic of last week’s Sunriver vacation with my family. Although my dad claims that there is “family” and “vacation” and no such thing as “family vacation,” I happen to disagree. We had the best time with my brother, sister-in-law, parents, nieces and nephew; and loved every minute of our time with them. Here are some pictures to enjoy!


SNOW! And lots of it! Unlike the 70 degree Christmas in NYC, the west coast was hammered with cold temperatures and lots of show -- perfect for a ski vacation!

SNOW! And lots of it! Unlike the 70 degree Christmas in NYC, the West Coast was hammered with cold temperatures and lots of snow — perfect for a ski vacation!

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Seattle, August 2015

I am not a good driver….as (1) I don’t like the actual driving, (2) I get sleepy easily, (3) my mind wanders off, (I don’t text when driving and I am safe!), and (4) I usually end up driving super slow in the left lane…..but I was more than happy to drive the kids up to Seattle last week to see their cousins before our summer ends. Here are some pictures from our wonderful time together in the Pacific Northwest’s biggest city!

Sailing at Sunset. We had the opportunity to do that 2/3 of the nights we were there. SO FUN and so relaxing.

Cruzzie and his cousin, Alagna, sailing at sunset. We had the opportunity to do that 2/3 of the nights we were there. SO FUN and so relaxing.

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Men’s Fashion- Johnnie-O

Josie Girls! Those of you with men in your lives know one thing: for the most part, men are pretty terrible dressers.  Sure, there are some men out there who are fashionable, but for the most part, men need a lot of help with their wardrobes.  You can’t blame them: women are more likely to shop and follow fashion, and men are more likely to watch football.  That’s just the way it is.  But that doesn’t change the fact that men need help, and women who date men who need help also need help getting their men help.  I think that made sense!

So every now and then, this Josie girl will provide ideas on how you can get the man (or men) in your life a little more fashionable.

One area where I think men can use a lot of help is the polo shirt.  In theory, it can look good, but every time I see a Ralph Lauren or Lacoste polo shirt, I look the other way. TOTALLY boring, overly preppy, and way too common. SNORE!

My favorite men’s polo shirt is by Johnnie-O, a relatively new L.A.-based clothing company that specializes in “West Coast Prep” (and if you have been reading, you know I bleed Best Coast!)


Yes, it's a polo shirt, and yes, it's still preppy. But it's definitely got its own feel, and slightly hipster flair.

Johnnie-O was founded by John O’Donnell, the brother of actor Chris O’Donnell. His vision is to build a brand that mixes West Coast style with an East Coast feel, and for the most part, I think the company has done a great job.

The above signature 4-button polo ain’t cheap ($65), but it is cheaper than the Ralph Lauren ($85) and Lacoste ($89 full price) equivalents.  And it is more unique (unless you are Ken, and have 8 of these shirts, and wear them all of the time.)

Ken rocking a Johnnie-O shirt this summer. And if you are like me and just did a double-take at this picture, um yep, looks like Mr. Cruz is naked.....or partially so. HI TUSH!

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