Chick Chick

Over the weekend, we wanted to eat a delicious sandwich (any kind of sandwich, just delicious), so I did some research (thank you google) and came across the BEST FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH in New York City. It was absolutely incredible and warranted this title. So if you are in NYC, crave a fried chicken sandwich, then I *HIGHLY* recommend traveling to the Upper West Side and going to Chick Chick.


Chick Chick opened a year ago by chef Jun Park, who wanted to create a restaurant with his two most favorite foods: fried chicken and ramen.

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CSA Chickens

There is SO much I love about my hometown, Eugene, Oregon, but one of the things I love most is the quality of the food. We get two deliveries of CSA vegetables per week (Turnip the Beet and Wintergreen Farm — my parents have been members of both farms for over 20 years!!!) as well as fresh chickens and eggs from Havurah Farms every other week. You literally don’t have to go to the grocery store except for pantry and freezer items. And the chickens?!?!?! MAN they are good. Who knew chickens could taste THAT good. They come from Havurah Farms and are pasture raised and non-gmo fed. Also, kosher, organic and killed young. You can literally taste the difference.


Every other Monday, my parents go to someone’s house for pickup. You get your chickens and eggs, check off your name, and then you are on your way. Old school, honor code. The chickens are killed the morning you pick them up.

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Ken’s Beer Can Chicken

Guest blogger alert! Here’s Ken with another fun grilling post:


Greetings!  It is great to be out of sweltering New York, and more importantly, reunited with my summering wife and kids in Oregon for a week.  I am blessed to have the ability to really focus on my true passions during my vacation: cooking for my in-laws, and guest-writing for a women’s lifestyle blog.  Good times.


I have stepped in for the Josie Girl before, mostly with grilling posts on artichokes and fruit (and separately, Lemon Mint Pasta with Bacon and Tips for Expectant Fathers) The focus on fruit, vegetables and general health?  Not necessarily my first choice (play to your audience), so it’s time for more of a traditional and fun (and manly) post on…. Beer Can Chicken.


Ingredients. 4 lb chicken, can o’ beer (room temperature), olive oil, salt, pepper, and if you have it, rosemary, and thyme.

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Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

Fall Sundays often involve a decent amount of NFL football on in our household, as Ken is a huge fan.  While having football on the TV (even if it’s on mute) is not my favorite thing in the world, Ken tries to make up for it by cooking something as well, so I guess you could call it an even trade.  Last week, it was Pulled Chicken Sandwiches in our slow cooker (crock pot).   They were really good (and definitely healthier than pulled pork).




* 2 1/2 pounds of chicken – use assorted pieces (we used breasts and thighs)

* 1 medium sized onion

* 2 peppers (any color, we happened to have yellow and orange)

* 2 carrots

* 2 stalks of celery

* 10 oz of barbecue sauce

* Buns (I like sesame)

BBQ sauce

This is the BBQ sauce we used. I am a sucker for packaging.


* Chop up all of the vegetables.

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Best Chicken Truck in NYC

OK.  Left turn, today.  This blog has given you uber-healthy recipes for weird concoctions like Cauliflower-Broccoli Mash, Raw Brownies, and Kale Salad. Today, we are looking at… Street meat! I never thought I would be into it until I tried the chicken truck on the corner of 62nd and Madison.  Now, I am a convert.


Meet Tony, the chef of this street cart.

This cart has been situated on various corners of 62nd and Madison for the last 25 years. So, Tony, is a legend. People come from all over — schools, businesses, apartments — to eat Tony’s food. Every day when I pass the line, I am always in awe of the number of people who line up for such a long time to eat street food. But let me tell you, it is so incredibly delicious and out-of-this-world, that I am hooked!


Cooking up the meat (chicken and steak), onions, and peppers.

When we ventured out to try this cart, it was late in the day (no line), so we could ask embarrassing questions like “what do you sell?” etc…No menu, so we were clueless. Basically, you can get a salad with whatever meat, a platter of salad/rice/meat, a sandwich on pita, or a sandwich on a baguette. Every item looked scrumptious.

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