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Over the weekend, we wanted to eat a delicious sandwich (any kind of sandwich, just delicious), so I did some research (thank you google) and came across the BEST FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH in New York City. It was absolutely incredible and warranted this title. So if you are in NYC, crave a fried chicken sandwich, then I *HIGHLY* recommend traveling to the Upper West Side and going to Chick Chick.


Chick Chick opened a year ago by chef Jun Park, who wanted to create a restaurant with his two most favorite foods: fried chicken and ramen.

Super cute inside seating area. I chatted with the staff (very very friendly) and found out that sometimes it is jammed and very busy and other Sunday mornings, can be slow to start. We were lucky to go right at the start time and had no line or wait.

My dates and the green neon light hue.

Ken got the Korean Fried Chicken with cabbage. He LOVED it.

I ordered two entrees: the kale salad (I know that this sounds crazy, but it was INSANELY good and I would go back just for it!)

….and also just got the fried chicken sandwich that came with homemade pickles, a special sauce, and some cheese. It was unbelievable. Makes me hungry just looking at it.


Highly, highly recommend. Fun for everyone in the family, too (kids loved it).

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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