Currently Loving August 2023

I realize that August is practically over, but wanted to squeeze in with some of the things I love right now!


1. Taylor Swift Maroon


can NOT stop. This is one of my absolute favorite songs right now. Must listen to. Taylor did not perform this at her concert, but because I have been on a deep Taylor Swift dive, I am listening and loving them all.


2.  Nike

I know I am biased because Nike was founded in my hometown of Eugene, Oregon, but I really love Nike shoes, and also their RETURN policy. You can wear their shoes for 60 days and return or exchange them — no box needed, and worn, etc.. — no questions asked. Truly amazing and worth buying Nike products to ensure you get the right shoe and that it feels good to run in.


3. Platonic


I love Rose Bryne and enjoyed this series on Apple TV. Light and easy.


4. Remarkably Bright Creatures


Fun, captivating book that is not my normal speed, but loved it regardless.


5. CSA Box of veggies


Nothing is as good as the produce in Oregon — truly unbeatable.


6. Totally Toffee

Best peanut butter I have ever had. Great eaten straight out of the jar, or more civilized on a piece of toast.


7. GQ Andy Roddick


A die hard tennis fan, I love everything and anything about the sport. I loved Andy Roddick in the 90s. and especially loved this GQ article on his life. Worth reading even if you don’t like tennis.



What are you loving right now? I mean, I love the usual things too — summer, sunshine, walks, runs, hugs, raspberry italian sodas with whipped cream, berries from the bush, and the month of July.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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