Lavender Sachets

Yesterday, after my long run, we had a lull in what activity we were going to do. I was not highly motivated to get the kids on a bike or take a hike (and they surely didn’t want to do it unless I encouraged them to do so), so my mom asked if we could drive out to the McKenzie River Highway and pick up some lavender buds to make some lavender sachets. So although I hate to drive, we have been LOVING listening to Taylor Swift in the car, so we jumped in to the car and went on our adventure. We went to get the lavender buds in order to make homemade lavender sachets (thank you, Mama for the great idea for the afternoon!).


Gorgeous fields of lavender.

Highly suggest going here if you need anything lavender.

Ironed the fabric.

Tusia is very talented with textiles and decided she would embroider hers. So she drew with a pencil her design and then would know where to embroider.

We used shibori fabric for one side and linen for the other.

We have a sewing machine, but no idea how to set it up, so we handswtitched.

I also embroidered some lines on the front to give it some texture and personal flavor.

The bag of lavender buds. It smells DIVINE.

Tusia’s final product.

Then we stuffed the and sewed it shut, and voila.

Isn’t it lovely?

The final result.

My creation, Tusia’s creations and my mom’s creation. The house smells incredible right now.


We are finishing up our last couple of days and head back to NYC this week. I can NOT believe that summer is coming to a close……happy Monday!

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