Currently Loving March 2023

And just like that….Spring Break is right around the corner. Here is what I am loving this month.


1. Notorious BIG Statue


Located near the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, this new statue of BIG is set up on a hill and is fun, colorful, and different. As a huge fan of BIG, I love it. VERY MUCH.


2. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

I listened to this book as a book on tape (yes, sure, audible, but will forever be a book on tape to me). And I loved it!!! It was different and interesting and something I will think about for quite some time. Highly recommend.


3. Party Down


13 years later, Season 3 of Party Down has returned. AND I LOVE IT.


4. Tempura Seaweed


Just discovered these, and then ordered 5 packs to have on hand. They are that good. Salty, crunchy, and oh so delicious.


5.  Jambon Beurre


Hands down my favorite lunch is a jambon beurre, and hands down from Epicerie on the UWS. I will cab, walk, or have it delivered any day of the week. It is the best in NYC by far.


6. Empty Movie Theaters


A couple weekends ago, we went to see the new Ant Man movie and were the ONLY people in the theater. That was by far the best part of the movie (I didn’t love it — not my cup of tea, but Cruzzie did, and that is what is important).


7. Funny Meme




8. Cherry Blossoms


Nothing makes me happier than to see the pink blossoms all over in Central Park.


9. Tuna Melts


Other than my ham and cheese baguette sandwich obsession, I am also head over heels in love with tuna melts. They are my go to after long runs, and since I have been doing a lot of long runs, I have been consuming a lot of tuna melts. (Any recommendations on your favorite tuna melt in the city?? Please share!)



What are you loving? Please share!

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