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As many people have, I too, have become totally enthralled and obsessed with the story of Flaco the Owl. For those of you who do not know Flaco, Flaco is an owl that escaped a month ago from Central Park Zoo. After eluding many different rescue attempts, Flaco now lives in Central Park freely and most likely will continue to live a free life away from the zoo. Flaco escaped the zoo on February 2nd, once its enclosure was vandalized. Flaco has lived in captivity at the zoo since 2010, and everyone has been worried if Flaco would be able to survive alone in the wild. But sure enough, Flaco is not only surviving, but thriving in the city. There was an incredible story in the NYTimes¬† “Everyone Loves Flaco the Escaped Owl. But Why, Exactly?” and I highly suggest reading it — maybe you, too, will become interested in finding and spotting Flaco!


This past weekend, we went searching for Flaco — almost the whole day Sunday.

We thought we saw him and were beyond excited.

But it was a falcon and not the owl.

But I looked on twitter and found a new way to search for him.


I love how Flaco is in the wild and learning how to be free and fully himself…..and I also love the daily lookouts when I go on my runs in Central Park. If you have seen Flaco — let me know — I love hearing from friends of the different Flaco sightings and their impressions of him — they have all said magical and incredible things about our little hero.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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