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If you know me well, you know that Fred’s at Barney’s was my go-to restaurant for 11 plus years. It is where we had every Sunday dinner, multiple meals throughout the week, and even many special occasions such as Marathon parties, birthday parties, and special moments. It was our kitchen. We knew the entire wait staff and loved everything about it — it felt like home. So we were extremely sad when Barney’s shut down PRE Covid. It felt like we lost a part of our family and didn’t know what other restaurants to go to. Sure enough, a month later, the music died, and all restaurants were shut down to Covid…..but here we are, back in NYC, restaurants are reopened (currently only outdoor dining) and the chef from Fred’s, opened up his own restaurant “Mark’s Off Madison.” It is located downtown on 26th street and Madison, with Mark as the chef, and many of the same wait staff as at Fred’s. It felt like going home — we were so happy to see so many of the same waiters and think often of the others that we don’t know their whereabouts (Lorraine, Aggie, Jose, Gian Franco, and so many more — we miss you and hope you are all safe and healthy). Fred’s was a special place to us and so going to Mark’s Off Madison felt special, too.


It is NOT warm. Right now, in NYC, there is only outdoor dining, but that didn’t stop us from trying and seeing our old friends.

FRIES! Hands down my favorite fries in all of the wooorrrrrllllldddddd. Mark, the chef, brought many of his signature items (belgian fries) but also some new dishes, including a bagel bakery.

Chopped chicken salad. Exactly how I like it. No onions, extra dressing on the side. Wish I could have this three times a week like I did 2009-2019….

We went for brunch, so the kids had french toast. It was made with challah and ever so delicious.

Chicken soup — feeds the soul.


Although not across the street like Fred’s, we hope to revisit Mark’s Off Madison as much as we can. If you are in NYC and in need of a new fun brunch or dinner spot, I highly recommend going to Marks!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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