Arthur Avenue

This past weekend, we decided to drive to the Bronx to the world famous, Arthur Avenue. Arthur Avenue is considered the “Little Italy of NY,” yet if you talk to any New Yorker about Arthur Avenue in the Bronx either people have no idea what you are talking about or have passionate feelings about this neighborhood famous for all the Italian cuisine. Truth is, that most New Yorkers have not been to it, including my native New Yorker husband. But with nothing to do over the weekend (thank you, COVID, thank you Winter weather), we decided to take an adventure up to the Bronx to try out some food. We are so glad we did this and CANNOT wait to return — it had so much energy, kind locals, and ridiculously tasty food.

Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

Stevie, our pup, is getting good at all our random car travel. Last weekend we went to Queens to try out dumplings (unbelievable! Best dumplings I have ever eaten — another blog post when I get to go back and actually take pictures). We love these little adventures in the car that get us out of the house and also let us explore our own city! We would have never done this before and are so glad we get to see so many new places, even in our backyard.

This lasted two seconds, but look how happy Stevie looks.

Oyster bar!

This pork store was INCREDIBLE. Had the most amazing selection of sausage, dried goods, olive, anything Italian! We will be back!

I mean…..

Sausage anyone?

I was talking to a dear friend the day before we went and told her we were going to Arthur Avenue to explore. She said that her brother went to Fordham University and highly recommended Mario’s. We are so thankful for the recommendation because HOLY COW, Mario’s was amazing.

We went on Saturday at 4 pm and the outdoor dining was FULLY packed. We ordered take out and when I went in to pick it up, I had a wonderful conversation with the owner whose father and grandfather started it. She said that they had been in business for 101 years and this was obviously (the pandemic) the hardest year they have had. But she said they are looking forward to indoor dining when it reopens at 25% in a week and that she just needs to get through this and not go out of business! Support local business! Go to Mario’s!

The pizza. THE PIZZA. Oh my god, I love pizza almost as much as I love nachos, and this pizza was unbelievable.

I couldn’t drive back to Manhattan without eating a piece.

Ken’s healthy dinner. We will be back and we can’t wait to eat at their outdoor dining and experience it with others around us (and when the food is piping hot).


We thoroughly enjoyed our adventure and can’t wait for our next field trip. We went to Queens for dumplings, Bronx for italian, so now need the other boroughs and their specialties — where should we go? Any suggestions?

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