Big Night, Big News

The suspense has been killing me…. and this time, I couldn’t wait. We didn’t find out Cruzzie’s gender until he was born, and it was the best surprise. But this time, I convinced Ken that we should find out the gender of Baby 2. We (aka me) wanted to find out on my birthday (good compromise, no?), so Ken kept the envelope with the gender in his desk for the last month (had I kept it, I would have cheated on day 1). To celebrate, we went out to dinner at our favorite local restaurant to do the big unveiling….drum roll…….

Pre-dinner pic. We have been doing this every week to document my increasing largeness. Hello, belly!

Entrance to Barney’s. We ate at Fred’s on the 9th floor, our local fave.

Elevator to dinner. Uber nervous. (As you can see, I got super dressed up for the big night…)

Elevator to dinner. Also nervous. But looking way more dapper and put together than me….

J2 stands for “Junior #2” — we called Cruzzie “Junior” when in belly. The envelope was so sturdy and thick that you couldn’t see through it even if you tried…not that I tried….

Signed over the seal by Ken. And taped. Just in case. 100% protected.

Nervous smile and laugh….

Much more calm and collected….like always in comparison to me.

OMG!!! What I always dreamed of!!! (My first thought was — whoa, the technician wrote a sentence instead of just one word).

In absolute disbelief. So excited. Best birthday present ever.

Giggly and thrilled.

Emotional and sentimental. Ken is going to have a “Papa’s Little Girl!”

Hard to believe….

Time for birthday profiteroles!

The ice cream is melting away……as I gab and gab on the telephone.

Yummy. Gestational diabetes here I come….

SO there it is….the biggest story of our lives in 2012. Another baby and we couldn’t be happier. It has always been my dream to have an older brother and a younger sister — and it is all coming true. Of course, I would have been happy regardless, because a life is a life. But a boy AND a girl. It is perfection. And let me tell you, this BABY GIRL is going to be s-p-o-i-l-e-d. Do you know who her grandmother is??? Best birthday ever.

Until Wednesday,

Anika Yael Natori, aka The Josie Girl

Josie Girl


  1. Congrats! Her grandmother is going to shower her with so much love… And delicious Mexican food!

    • Thank you so much! Both grandmothers are going to spoil her rotten! Just like they both do with the little boy!!!

  2. Hooray for you guys and your adorable little family! I couldn’t be happier for you. Xoxo Marcelle

  3. Congrats! I hope our kids will get to meet someday! What a great storyboard of photos.

  4. still the best news ever!! get joe to tell you how i reacted finding out it’s a little girl. i flipped my lid! this is the best news of 2012, period. love you!!

    • MRS. GILLETTE!!!! Thank you!!! I miss you!! It has been too long and we must get together ASAP. Please? xo

  5. This post makes me SO happy and excited for you!! Thanks for sharing such wonderful news!! I can’t wait to read future posts about a mini “Josiegirl”

    P.S- hope you enjoyed your profiteroles!!

    • The profiteroles were amazing. Best dessert at Fred’s! They melt in your mouth! Thank you for your comment!

  6. This brought a tear to my eye…. what a touching, wonderful post!! And congratulations!!

    • Oh Lorri — THANK YOU!!!! It was so exciting and such a special night! Hope to see you soon! xo

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